Essay on a Sad Love Quote from Notting Hill

Some romantic movies could really warm many people’s heart, and some people count “Notting Hill” in this list. This romantic comedy has the usual plot of a famous gal falling in love with an ordinary guy. There’s nothing really new in the storyline, but the movie is not the boring and very cheesy film you can expect with this kind of plot. The film is actually full of witty quotes that could make anyone think hard and laugh hard at the same time. The characters also throw some sad but very heart-warming phrases once in a while. Here is one of them:

A sad love quote from Notting Hill

There are many heart-moving quotes from the 1999 movie Notting Hill. But one of the most famous lines was delivered by the main character, Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts. The line goes like this– “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” This quote is not only romantic but quite sad as well. It’s almost surreal to have a famous, rich, and beautiful girl step down from her pedestal to ask a guy to love her. It doesn’t usually happen in real life, but people wish this to be true. Anna Scott was willing to sacrifice her lustrous career and almost everything she got for the love of an ordinary man. It only goes to show that all is fair when it comes to love, even with famous celebrities who seemed to have it all. The movie did its best to show the other side of being a movie star.


Reflections on this sad love quote


In the end, Anna did have a happy life with William, who became her husband. Though people say that the movie is meant to make viewers fall in love and have some good time in the theater, it can also happen in real life, though in a different way. We’ve seen many Hollywood celebrities hook up with non-showbiz personalities for reasons some people can’t imagine. With the news of breakups here and there, it’s true that finding real love can be difficult not only for celebrities but for almost everybody. It’s truly hard to find a perfect match. Some even argue that they don’t exist so they settle for whoever’s around.


There were hints of reality in this feel-good movie, such as having your heart broken, finding new love, and the fear of falling in love and losing it all. There’s also the idea of being struck by love when you least expect it. True enough, you can’t choose people you love and there’s no easy way around things.

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