Romance In Relationships – Romance is important in a relationship?

Romance has a magical effect on women worldwide. We can not say that men are not romantic. Here I consider myself a super romantic. In fact if you look on the net on pages like this, you’ll see that most of the studies were made on boys. How about this? Romance is so important today because it helps the woman to return to her feminine side. Romantic moments are particularly useful for those women who find it difficult to confess his feelings. During a romantic date, she feels appreciated, adored, understood and supported. With his romantic behaviors, man show to his woman that she is valued, desired, respected and understood especially beloved.

Flowers, greeting cards, gifts, Wood Rings, moonlight nights, a meal at the restaurant, all this means romance.

Sometimes she clearly expresses the need for romance, sometimes expect the man to take the initiative.

Purchase of own initiative flower is a symbol of the fact that he cares about her but especially that he understands the needs and desires known.

The importance of communication

Before appreciate romantic gestures, women need to communicate and feel they are listened to.

Communication with mutual knowledge is the main tool for developing a relationship ideal.

When two are able to listen to each other, to question, to comment on some topics that interest them, then you are able to interact, to live together.

How to communicate difficult feelings?

When we are angry, disappointed, frustrated folk, it is difficult to communicate with affection.

In these times we forget to communicate in an proper way so that, with the best intentions, the discussion turns to conflict.

When men tend to upset ditch condemn women when women are angry tend to blame the men and make them feel guilty.

When you are overwhelmed with grief, communication alters, preferred and talk to ugly or not speak at all, forget about understanding and respect.

In these moments discussions do not use.

Many experts recommend at this time written communication, a letter, a note.


feelings in those moments help you awaken to your own feelings.

Negative feelings written on that note you can show how lacking affection, bad, can seem.

Writing the intensity of grief may be reduced.

It is preferable that loved not see that note, so you can break it if you want.

Do understand by this that you have no right to express dissatisfaction in the relationship that you have, but rather that if you say something you should know when you are calm, quiet.

A relationship based on honesty will always support the truth, even if it hurts sometimes.

Romantic Dinner

You happened to see a movie, one tender, love, and then thinking some romantic scenes that you were excited, even a few days after you’ve seen?

You happen to want those moments full of romance that happen to you and you and your lover?

Or maybe you think you’re not as beautiful, sexy and attractive actresses in movies?


Be sure your lover you are the most beautiful in the world.

Because this is one of the miracles of love: everything happens at its best.

The man you love is the greatest, and you to him are incomparable!

Be convinced that to her boyfriend Raicu was the most beautiful woman in Romania and before she became a television star, as Pierce Brosnan was the most charming man in the world for his wife long before he became that famous “Agent 007″.

So for you, the most beautiful woman in the world to spend a romantic night with your lover, the most extraordinary man I’ve ever seen, you just need to be happy, to wait for him when he comes home with a bottle of champagne cold be music, use the best cutlery, use candles, you be dressed only lacy underwear and shoes on a pair of high heels.

Possibly a hat, because, huh, “you can leave your hat on”!

Now I will write some tips to impress your romantic partner carefully:

Here’s what you can do gift partner draw hearts on the computer, or simply take them already made and they printed on pink paper, to be 100 say, the center of hearts you write why you love.

Then cut it out nice and put them in 100 balloons that inflate.

Then spread them in the bedroom partner and then let him break them turns reading what you wrote on the tickets …..

Send a dozen roses: 11 red and one white.

Call him at work and say something like: “Hi handsome, you’re free tonight.”

Write him / her a check for one million kisses.

Buy tulips and write on note, “I’ve got two-lips waiting for you”.

Something special for the anniversary ……… a lottery ticket and a message:

“I won the grand prize when I married you.”

Hire a massage therapist to give your partner a massage as they should.

On cold mornings, heat car engine.

Give him flowers for no reason (eh, why is love)

Give sunflowers, along with Stevie Wonder’s song “You are the sunshine of my life”

Give him a flower every day for a month.

Obtain special phrases and quotes.

Write them

in a notebook and give it as gift.

Find many special phrases


Favorite Gifts for girls: jewelry, perfume, flowers.

So guys better open your wallet :)).

Pillow FIGHT !

Buy your pillow with your name on them and make changes when sleeping

Always, but always to have romantic music in the car.

When you go shopping and she wants something, but do not buy it at that time,

Come back later when you’re alone and buy the thing that she liked.

Kiss every inch of her body SLOWLY.

Put a new gem in jewelry box and wait until you realize that it has a new gem will be very surprised.

Hide in the bottle with vitamins a love note, that says: “Try vitamin L” …….. from Love.

Put on bed only red rose petals.

Buy her CD “Let’s Talk About Love” by Celine Dion.

Cover the room with balloons inflated with helium.

Amaze her with a crystal vase filled with flowers.

Write special notes and stick them into the house.

For parents only: spend an afternoon together and take pictures with the family.

Never, never, but never I say: “See, I told you so”.

Put it to say a number from 1-50 and kiss him in return as many times as is the number.

Take a trip in two to the mountains and sleep in cabins, it’s quiet and no other people.

Glue a note on the remote: “Turn me on INSTEAD”.

Before you get out of bed, look into your partner’s eyes, kissing him and says:

“I am so happy and that’s because you’re part of my life.”

Mother’s Day boyfriend / girlfriend send a thank-you card.

Make them chocolate gift box and inside put a pair of earrings.

Celebrate your anniversary every year ( date when you met) .

Hug each other in front of a campfire.

Give her your jacket when she is cold.

Swim together, go skiing together.

Slip insider her / his wallet love notes.

Make her breakfast in bed and eat together, that is very romantic.

Visit an art gallery together.

While both of you are not home, ask a friend to prepare a dinner for you both.

On holidays make cookies together.

While dancing with her at a party, whisper something special.

Buy her a CD with the song “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston.

Be careful and act nice as you can get when your partner had a bad day.

Girls, never, never, never speak against his ex’s.

A super romantic gesture: Stop and kiss at the entrance of the house.

Give them something to remind you:

– A short poem to keep in the wallet;

– A lock of hair;

– A card that you scented it with your perfume;

– A recent photo.

Love is eternal, stop all clocks in the house for a while.

As you walk say, “You’re everything I ever wanted”

Drop her a romantic message on the answering machine.

Take evening dinner by candlelight, listening to Kenny G.

When watching a romantic movie say:

“The story is beautiful, but ours is the most beautiful.”

Make a list: “101 Reasons Why you are everything I ever wanted.”

Listen to romantic music while drinking cappuccino in the presence of two candles.

Sleeping on each other’s arms.

Flowers, flowers, flowers …

Tell her “I love you” every day.

Admire the sunset together.

Call at work and say you’re sick and then spend the day together.

The 5 Languages of Love

How many times have you wanted to communicate with a person you love and you did not understand?

Each of us needs to love and be loved.

But what do you do if the person next to you does not understand the parallels you want to convey?

After a long experience in counseling, renowned psychologist Dr.. Gary Chapman concluded that the main problem is the way couples express affection.

He says beyond “language” specifically in each of us communicate and shall communicate love, there are five main languages: words of encouragement, time, receiving gifts, services and physical caresses.

No.1 language

– words of encouragement

One of the ways of expressing love is the use of those words that reinforces.

Compliments and words of encouragement were a great power in communicating love.

Compliments to best express directly by simple statements such as: “How good gets this suit” or “I thought you never were so beautiful that day.”

Encouragement requires empathy and approach everything from the perspective of the partner.

You must first learn what is important to partner.

Only then you can encourage.

The verbal encouragement trying to communicate something like: “I know your problem and care.’m With you. How can I help you?”.

Most of us have far greater potential than what we ever achieve by it.

Often what holding us back is the lack of courage.

But when the person you love encourages us, we are ready to overcome the condition.

Language nr2.

– Time for

By “for granted” means focusing your attention entirely on a certain person.

Need for the two sides to sit to watch each other and to speak, and giving each other full attention.

It’s good to take a walk only two or going out to lunch, to look into their eyes and talk.

Essential aspect in terms of time it is to be spent together.

It is not enough just to be with the other person ….. Together means that nothing will distract.

It is important to really listen when you speak the other.


Here are some tips:


1 Keep eye contact when your partner talks.


2 While listening to your partner, do not do anything else.


3 Listen to your feelings.


Ask yourself how the other person feels when you think you’ve found the answer, give you a chance to confirm it.


4 Note body language.


Fingers crossed, hands shaking, tears, raised her eyebrows eye movements can you clues about what the other feels.


5 Interrupting refused.


Recent research has shown that the average man is out more than 17 seconds, then discontinue or remove an interjection.


If you give him your full attention while he speaks partner, you help it to defend yourself, to accuse or assert your place.


Language No.3


– Receiving gifts


Most believe that giving gifts is an expression of love that transcends fundamental cultural barriers.


When you hold in your hand one but you can say “Look, you think of me” or “Do not forget me.”


When you think someone can give them a gift.


The gift itself is a symbol of this plan.


No matter if it cost anything or not.


What matters is that you have thought about the person.


Gifts can be of any size, color and shape.


Some are very expensive, others not cost you anything.


When funds are limited, a very inexpensive gift can mean a love of millions.


There is another but that is not tangible, but it is sometimes more eloquent than one that can be achieved.


It’s called self dedication or gift present itself.


Be there in times of crisis when the partner you need is the most important thing, but that if the primary language of love loved one is receiving gifts.


Nr4 language.


– Services


The “Services” means the ability to do things that would loved to do.


Try to go in voluntarily to be his help, to express your love making things.


Preparing meals, washing dishes, in general, any aid granted in need are actually services.


It involves careful planning, time, effort and energy.


If done in a positive spirit, they become a real expression of love.


For those whose primary language is service, it is important not to give orders, but to express their demands because love directs requests and commands a barrier.


Also, each time we treat partners as objects, revoke love.


Handling by instilling a sense of guilt (“If you love me, you do it”) is not the language of love.


No obligation or fear is love.


Nobody should ever become “pressure” other.


Love speaks thus: ‘I love you too much to let you treat me this way. “


Language no.




– physical consolation


It has long been known that physical achievement east way to communicate love.


Physical touches can create or destroy a relationship.


It can communicate hate or love.


The person whose love language is physical caress will receive this message more powerful than words’ I hate you “or” I love you. “A slap on the face of people do much worse, but it is destructive to one whose language is solace. In times of crisis, we feel more than ever the need to be loved. If the primary love language of your partner’s physical caress, nothing is more important than to hug you cry. words might not matter, but gentle touches will clearly communicate your love. If you manage to bring them comfort in such a moment will never forget.


What is your language?


It’s good to know that there are five love languages, but how do you find which is your language?


Some can realize quickly that is their primary language, but for others it is more difficult.


For them, love can communicate in two or more languages.


But to find out which is your primary language, you can put your many questions: What makes you feel more loved?


What do you want most of all?


There are other questions that can help you discover your language:


the. suffer what makes you the best of what makes or does not make partner?


Opposite of what makes you suffer is probably the language of love.


  1. What’d you asked most often loved?


The thing which you asked most often it is likely to be exactly the thing that makes you feel loved.


  1. usually what you express your love?


The way you express your love may actually indicate how the ground can make you feel loved.


With these questions you can find your language, but you can, of ASEM to discover and loved language so you can communicate love in a way that she can understand what you wanted to communicate.

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